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Each family cares about their children's well-being and health, but sometimes due to lack of funds or obsolete equipment it is not possible for pre-schools and schools to provide comprehensive health care services. At present the real situation, in educational institutions of Telšiai and Akmenė districts, is talking about the fact that it is necessary to significantly improve the existing infrastructure needed for health care services.

Till the start of the Project there was a lack of equipment, it was outdated and worn out. Therefore, some health care centers needed to be repaired to fully ensure health care in schools and kindergarten of Telšiai and Akmenė districts.

The situation has improved significantly when the Project „Health care service improvement in schools and pre-school educational institutions of Telšiai and Akmenė districts“ started. Contract works are curently taking place in Telšiai: Some of the items are bought already and the purchase for the others is announced. Also the contract for buying furniture is already signed and the furniture is being made.

The situation in Naujoji Akmenė is very similar – the contract is signed so the work is expected to start in early January of 2016. The purchase of furniture, health risk assessment and environmental assessment tools is already announced.

The students and educators of Telšiai can already enjoy the significant change in the new infrastructure in educational institutions. Classrooms of Telšiai district Varnių Motiejaus Valančiaus gymnasium and Public Institution Regional Professional education center of Telšiai are finished. The work in gymnasium of Luokė is about to be done.

On 14-19 of December the work started also in kindergarten of Telšiai „Žemaitukas“, main school of Telšiai „Krantas“, gymnasium of Telšiai „Žemaitė“, kindergarten of Telšiai „Nykštukas“, gymnasium of Vincentas Borisevičius in Telšiai. The work should be done this year. Public procurement is still going in Naujoji Akmenė.

Nevertheless repairs in all educational institutions are not complete, it is expected to finish them under a pre-arranged schedule of activities. It is scheduled to deliver the furniture in early January of 2016 in Telšiai district. The time of furniture delyvery in Naujoji Akmenė is not clear yet because of ongoing furniture buying procedure.

The start of January will be joyfull in schools of Telšiai and Naujoji Akmenė disctricts – new infrastructure and the successful completion of the Project will lead to new challenges.

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